2 Pieces of (DM) Silver

OK, it wasn’t 30 pieces….but we were selling something for clients, not selling someone out!

Summit International Awards saw fit to recognise two of our pieces of DM this year and award them Silver trophies – one for a Philips B-2-B Campaign and the other for an HP B-2-B single piece

Philips Special Lighting

Resellers were reminded they could “bank” on both the Philips loyalty reward of a $50 EFTPOS card for every order of $1,500 for Philips Special Lighting product AND the Philips brand with quality, value & range.

The 3D box ATM was a complex construction. It had an ATM card inserted as a mini brochure (credit card size) launching the promotion

 The promotion was explained, it included a thank you to distributors for their support from the Head of Philips Special Lighting in Australia and it listed 3 key reasons they could “bank” on the brand.

Custom EFTPOS cards were printed with Philips brand imagery and were redeemable nationally

Diecut “EFTPOS machines” were made and used as card holders to deliver cards awarded.

 The client, Rachael Ash, Sales and Marketing Manager, Philips Special Lighting Pacific Region said “This DM and promotional campaign had a direct impact on our bottom line and played a key part in budget over achievement for the 2013 year.

We love it when our silver creates gold for the client.









HP Operations Analytics

In Australia, India, Singapore, New Zealand and Malaysia it had to get into the hands of senior IT Operations people to explain “how Operations Analytics would manage, store and exploit big data to increase efficiency while avoiding cascading failure and data storms”……. did you get that?

The premise was ‘change the way you look at your IT universe’

The custom handmade outer box had a substantial feel and luxurious satin finish. It screamed quality, but was tough enough to handle the rigours of international freighting without damage. There was no branding, just the address label and an ‘invitation to open’ with “The perfect IT model”

The inner box had the same satin finish and was custom built to size. The brand was still hidden but an instantly recognisable image of the Mars Rover – the ultimate machine when it comes to collecting, storing and analysing data in a challenging environment. The copy deliberately replicated the blurb found on model kit boxes.

The insert sat on top of a Mars Survey Team Model Kit. It revealed the brand, an image of the completed Mars Rover model inside, and quickly communicated the business advantages of HP Operations Analytics.

The DM went to over 500 senior contacts across 5 countries and the client said “This was something unique for us. We wanted it to be eye catching, memorable and innovative. It certainly captured the spirit of the product, the attention of our sales team and the eye of the customer… and more importantly we were able to leverage a number of opportunities in a new market place”