Global Gold POPAI Award 2014 – Design Rationale


Printers are not “big ticket” retail items in Australia and their benefits are not well understood by consumers. They are purchased on price and retailers display them on small, standard, close packed shelves.

The POS objectives were priority shelf allocation, increased printer sales and increase brand share from 33%.

Our design objective was to build a display that demonstrated mobile printing in real-time and enabled a shopper to experience the key selling proposition – print direct from your smartphone or tablet – in order to change buyer and retail behaviour.

This interaction strategy would translate to premium space allocation, retail aisle “ownership” and brand switching.

Design & Engineering:

The challenge was to design something that worked as a “live” interactive version and a “non-live” version with minimal alteration. So we developed a 4.5mm acrylic screen printed base unit adaptable across 2 different versions.

With the “live” units, we used a code altered, acrylic encased smartphone to connect to the printer wirelessly. Shoppers could print direct from phone to printer for themselves.

For the “non-live” unit, we communicated product benefit via laser cut acrylic with embedded animating light paper. In the animation, the light, representing wireless transmission, moves outward from the reverse printed acrylic “smartphone” to the printer.

Both units were delivered to trade in four easy to assemble pieces with pre-programmed phones and instructions.

Shopper Engagement:

Shoppers experienced the innovation directly on the live units and could “print from anywhere”, in less than 2 minutes, without assistance. By following a simple 4 step process, an information sheet was printed, which could then be taken to sales staff. Sales staff used the POS as an innovation demonstration unit.

The unique attribute of this integrated POS was the seamlessy linked technology (phone to app to printer network to printer).

The POS units defined and elevated the shopper experience with simple, real-time demonstration of HP’s ePrint key selling proposition – print direct from your smartphone or tablet.

HP ePrint shelf AustraliaRetail Experience

Priority shelf allocation was achieved because the unit did not require special space or waste retailer “selling space” in existing product display areas and it was only 4 pieces that could be set up in under 15 minutes.

It used vertical height to bracket the printer with signage, and the technology created an interactive demonstration point often placed at the front of an aisle for impact and used for demonstration.

Sales and brand share increased through profile. It elevated the HP printer vertically above the competition and integrated unique HP technology that shoppers and sales staff could understand.

Positioning ink beside the product created an automatic “add-on” to purchase, increasing the units ROI with sales of higher margin consumables.





Two months prior to POS release, the company held consistent weekly brand unit share of 33% for printer hardware in the Australian market.

In the 3 months after release, weekly brand unit share for printer hardware peaked at 38% and averaged 35% weekly for the full quarter. This POS was the only material in market.

105 units were produced and installed in two key retailers. Selection was based on highest printer sales volumes.

100% compliance was achieved in the 105 selected stores giving 36% coverage of all stores available nationally.

The design was featured at an Asia Pac retail boot camp and is being replicated in India, Indonesia and New Zealand.