It was a POS design Carrie would have envied – we had to create a unit that would position a new range of headphones as a uniquely designed, high quality product with comparable or better acoustics than other better known brands and encourage product trial.

Design & Engineering (What the manufacturing disciples want to know)

It was constructed from 10mm white acrylic, with lasercut cityscape windows backlit on 2 contour levels from fluorescent tubes mounted inside (with a removable panel for replacement). It had another false back facilitating plug-and-play setup and was constructed to be freestanding or an aisle-end with every edge mitre joined. The product area displayed 12 facings and housed 42 product.

Skyscraper iconography featured on three surfaces and it had an iPad and iPhone locked in place with replaceable security covers but accessible for shoppers to trial music. Shoppers could plug in their own music library through a dedicated jack point.

Shopper & Retail Experience (What we preach)

The shopper interaction was unique, playing sample music genres, as well as allowing shoppers to listen through their own mobile phone or compare existing headphones. The iPhone and iPad also had links to the CitiScape website with more specific product features and benefits.

Shoppers could experience sound quality, MusicSeal, an inline microphone allowing calls to be taken while listening to music, colour, range and style. None of this was possible in the standard store display.

It allowed shoppers to select the model that suited their needs, in a dedicated area, away from Harvey Norman’s own listening bar and effectively supplemented sales staff during busy periods – Christmas and New Year.

Results (Judgement Day)

It was supposed to be in market for 3 months, but was retained through a second promotional period to be in market for 6 months. It launched the range and continued to assist in product sales over key retailer periods of Christmas and New Year. Sales staff said “All the benefits and features sell them selves and we don’t need to put as much time and effort in to move the range”