Shining a golden light on trade communications

It was a sales kit to reflect the glory of the HP ENVY14 Spectre – visually stunning, lightweight and damage resistant.

Hewlett-Packard Australia had launched the world’s first multi-surface glass laptop – HP ENVY14 Spectre – for the tech savy fashionista. The Ultrabook™ category was new and the Spectre had been engineered with innovations that had not been seen in the market before. 

Sales staff had to be given information that allowed them to:

1. Be aware of the Spectre and its positioning

2. Identify the innovations

3. Communicate the benefits to consumers


The sales kit brought information on all the innovations together in a glossy black acrylic topped aluminum container that held an 8 page pocket guide and lanyard, a plug and play USB with sales reference sheets, product demo videos and template marketing material as well as a Spectre branded laser pointer for sales staff to point out the future-like innovations on shelf.

1,000 kits were distributed direct to retail staff through training seminars so they would not forget the HP ENVY14 Spectre.