Silver at POPAI Awards 2013

POPAI’s annual awards recognise excellence in performance, design and innovation at the point of purchase.

Last night at the gala dinner Convert was awarded silver for HP’s ENVYX2 shelf unit in the Telecommunications, Home Entertainment & Electrical Retailers category. The entry details were:


The hybrid category was new in Australia when HP launched their “2 devices in 1” notebook and tablet. In most stores the HP ENVYx2 Shelf was the first bespoke hybrid POS unit to appear on standard island benches.

There was a battle for market share, HP had just revitalised their brand position, retailer space was restricted at shelf and shoppers struggled to identify hybrid product. The retail objectives were to lift the ENVYx2 above competitors; identify the hybrid format; focus on the detachable screen; reinforce its “thin and light” design and ensure shoppers knew it was a touchscreen.

The distribution objective was for maximum store compliance and coverage.

Design & Engineering

It was designed to use the narrow vertical space of a standard footprint on shelf to literally raise the HP product and brand above the competition.

The shopper’s need to identify, pick up and get “hands on” with hybrids meant there was a natural design use for established HP “hand” iconography – as a mechanism to separate tablet from keyboard, to communicate the “hands on” nature of the product and identify it was a touchscreen.

The unit was 28.5cm deep for a 29cm bench, constructed of 4.5mm heat bent, screen printed acrylic, with flood printed laser cut 3D hands foam lined to protect product and a 3mm fluoro blue elevated keyboard shelf.

It shipped in one piece so all trade had to do was place a hybrid PC in the unit.

Shopper Engagement & Retail Experience

At shelf, all brands in the new hybrid category were being displayed in “notebook” format. This did not communicate or demonstrate the most compelling selling point to shoppers – that they were a notebook and a tablet.

With the introduction of the HP POS, retail account managers monitored activity and reported an immediate change in behaviour. Shoppers recognised both formats, picked up and explored the tablet and then connected it to the keyboard to test the notebook format.

Its unique attributes were that it was the first POS in the category to elevate and separate the product vertically; create a store compliant disruption on the hybrid shelf and use a design that reflected the unique product innovations and incorporate HP brand iconography.


The first wave, released to a retailer’s top 100 stores, generated a 164% increase in sell through in the following month. Another retailer without POS had no increase. The second wave, to 140 stores of a different retailer, generated 68% increase in sell through. In contrast a retailer without the HP POS decreased sell through.

100% retailer compliance was achieved, and those agreeing to 3 weeks display were still using it 2 months later.

One NSW store reported “seconds after I set up the ENVYx2 display a customer picked up the product… she had been hovering around laptops for 5 mins and hadn’t even looked at the x2.”

HP’s VP of PPS Worldwide acknowledged the Australian campaign globally as a good example of HP BTL execution over the last 3ft.