Silver followed by Gold! – POPAI Awards 2013

Our POPAI Silver was closely followed by a Gold statue last night for HP’s IPG Printer Innovation Stations – live & non live. Developed for Australia they have also been deployed in New Zealand and India. Their story follows:


Printers are not “big ticket” retail items and their benefits are not well understood by consumers, so they buy based on price and ink cost. Retailers display them on standard, close packed shelves, not premium space end caps.

The objective of this POS was to increase printer sales, in both high value and mid value retailers across 100 stores, through POS that showcased the ease of HP’s ePrint functionality.

The task was to build a display demonstrating function in real-time by linking a printer with a smart-phone and enabling a shopper to experience the process. This interaction strategy would translate to premium space allocation and printer aisle “ownership”. HP Original Inks were also to be profiled in close proximity to units to increase cross sales and optimise the units ROI.

Design & Engineering

The challenge was to design a unit that worked both as a “live” interactive version and a “non-live” version with minimal alteration. We developed a unit with manufactured elements adaptable to the unique requirements of each. The 4.5mm acrylic screen printed base units could house all ePrint enabled printers.

For the “non-live” unit, we illustrated the product benefit via laser cut acrylic with animating light paper. In the animation, the light, representing wireless transmission, moves outward from the reverse printed acrylic “smartphone” to the printer.

With the “live” units, we used an acrylic encased smartphone to connect to the printer wirelessly. Shoppers could print direct from phone to printer for themselves.

Units were delivered to trade in four simple to assemble pieces with pre-programmed phones and instructions.

Shopper Engagement & Retail Experience

Shoppers directly experienced the HP ePrint innovation directly on the live units and could “print from anywhere”, in less than 2 minutes, without the need for any sales staff assistance.

By following a simple 4 step process, an information sheet explaining printer options was printed, which could then be taken to sales staff. The engagement was HP from start to finish – HP ePrint app, HP printer, HP inks, HP information sheet.

The unique attribute of this integrated POS was the seamlessy linked technology (phone to app to printer network to printer).

Both units defined and elevated the shopper experience with simple, real-time demonstrations of the key selling point of HP’s ePrint range.


Two months prior to unit release, HP held consistent weekly brand unit share of 33% for printer hardware in the Australian market.

In the 3 months after release, weekly brand unit share for printer hardware peaked at 38% and averaged 35% weekly for the full quarter.

105 units were produced and installed in selected metro stores based on printer sales volumes in two key retailers. 100% compliance was achieved in the 105 selected stores giving 36% coverage of all stores available for implementation.

The design was featured at HP’s Asia Pac retail boot camp and is being replicated in India, Indonesia and New Zealand.

After the release, an additional 29 Australian retail stores signed up to HP’s Live Demo Print Program promoting the sell through of printer hardware and ink.