It isn’t enough to advertise online. Advertising has to be noticed and then drive sales through every touchpoint - from websites to eDMs to MRecs.

With a yellow sports car leaping off the screen, and a traffic light “ON” icon changing from red (stop) to green (go), our AMD campaign for HP was a visual representation of the campaign’s core proposition - “the HP dv6 Notebook PC really gets your pulse racing”.

Don’t let anyone tell you online advertising can’t be retail advertising. The “Beats Connect” campaign leading up to Christmas, was a strong retail application with a simple message - “Purchase HP and receive a bonus set of Beats Audio headphones”. The difficulty was developing an online visual style, which reflected this simplicity and showed a range of product as well as the headphones on offer. Each piece of material was configured to motivate consumers to buy now; at Christmas; in store or; at

There are more online networks than just FaceBook or Twitter. We concepted, planned and built the SunRice Recipe Club to establish an interactive recipe network, increase rice occasions in the home, market new SunRice products and reduce SunRice research costs for new products.

“Foodie points” drove digital interactions and it became Australia’s 9th largest food and lifestyle site in 18 months with 261,803 visits a year, 1,779,511 page views and an average of 3.36 mins on site. It gave SunRice research samples of 2,000 at no extra cost and had newsletter click through rates of 24.8%.