Our B2B DM work taps into audience behavioural insights to stimulate sales with incentive programs and product training. The material has to be surprising, instantly recognisable, generate word of mouth and open the door for the sales teams.

During the last four years we have worked hard with Philips Special Lighting on B2B campaigns to increase year-on-year sales. We have used everything from portable golf sets and golfing lessons to Philips “Light Flights” travel vouchers. Philips Europe has asked for documentation on promotion process to be used as “best practice”.

Getting past the “gatekeeper” is half the battle with DM. Especially if there is limited brand or product awareness among the audiences being targeted.

Hal Financial Services entered into medical, dental, IT and education financing for the first time. They used low cost, high impact creative to get onto the desks of the decision makers – CEOs of hospitals were sent a full lego-like hospital under the banner of “new hospital equipment is easy to piece together”; dentists were incentivised with coffee machines and IT managers received juggling balls in recognition of their ability to juggle budgets.

Keeping sales people motivated to sell is just as important as keeping consumers motivated to buy. It’s not advertising that finally closes the deal, it’s the sales staff.

Each new campaign that is launched for HP is preceded by a sales kit. It includes a product ready reckoner with easy reference to product functions and selling points; a USB with all product collateral loaded; a practical and fun give-a-way to remind them of the campaign proposition; and a pack that summarises the products, promotions and competitions.