In a tough retail environment the last three feet are a priority. Our criteria for HP POS are interactivity; functionality; originality; impact; structural design; ease of information absorption and maximum numbers within the budget.
All converting to sales.

Our work for HP mobile printing and PCs was recognised this year with Gold and Silver at Australia’s Point of Purchase Advertising International (POPAI) Awards.

For some brands, an increase in sales requires an increase in account support. Good POS can generate account support and secure stand-alone promotional space.

This Philips CitiScape unit captured shoppers attention storewide. It played sample music genres, allowed shoppers to compare their existing headphones using their own playlist and through the inbuilt iPhone and iPad had links to the CitiScape website.

Every other piece of marketing can easily be forgotten as a shopper stands in front of shelves filled with vast arrays of product. Strong design and dominant signposting will highlight your offer, prompt take-up and brand shift shoppers.

Reminding shoppers of the “reason to buy” communicated in an extensive media campaign closed the purchase loop when Sanitarium launched the “21 Day Challenge” with Delta Goodrem.